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Important Enrollment Information

Please see answers to a few of the most common questions we get regarding Medicare enrollment. Don't see your questions here, give our agency a call at 805-888-1544 to speak with a licensed agent. 

Retiring and Need to Add Part B?   Follow these easy steps for a smooth transition

As soon as you know when you are going to stop working, confirm with your employer when your coverage will end. Once you have this information, you will need to complete the two forms below and then either fax them or drop them off at your local social security office. You may also email or fax them to our office and we are happy to fax them to your social security office and confirm that they have been received and are processing. You cannot add Part B online.

Also you MUST submit both of these forms together. Be sure to keep a copy for your records before submitting them to social security. 

   1.Application to Enroll in Part B  ( CMS form 40B)

   2.Request for Employment Form (CMS L-564-508)

HELPFUL TIP!  Make sure that you WRITE IN YOUR REQUESTED EFFECTIVE DATE  in the REMARKS section on your Part B application. Otherwise, they will automatically make it effective the first of the next month and start charging you your Part B premium. Once your part B is enrolled, we can help you submit applications for your supplemental coverage. 

How Much Will Part B Cost & How Do I Pay It?    ** THIS IS IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ

Every year Medicare adjusts the Part B premium. Currently in 2024 the average Medicare Part B premium is $174.70 per month. However they can charge you more if you are a high income earner. Read about the IRMAA and download the income guidelines to determine if this might affect you. 


Social security will look at your tax returns and can go back up to two years. If you are considered a high income earner, they can charge you more than the average amount. This is called an IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount). We have attached the IRMAA income guidelines below for your reference.  

   IRMAA Income Guidelines 2024

If you are charged an IRMAA and want to appeal this, you may complete the Life Event Form attached below and submit it to social security for redetermination.  

   IRMAA Life Change Event Form



- If you are collecting social security benefits, they will automatically deduct your Part B premium/IRMAA from your benefits check each month. 

- If you are delaying your social security benefits, Medicare will bill you quarterly for your premium/IRMAA. If you decide you would prefer to pay it monthly, you may set up Medicare Easy pay in your account or by submitting the Medicare Easy Pay form attached below. 

    Enroll in Medicare Easy Pay

    4 Ways to Pay Your Medicare Bill

    Understanding Your Medicare Premium Bill 

I Plan to Work Past 65,Do I Need To Sign Up for Medicare A and B? 

Generally, If you are actively working  and covered on your employers plan, or covered on your spouse's insurance who is actively working, you may remain on that coverage if your employer has at least 20 or more employees. This plan would remain primary and you can delay your enrollment into Medicare until you are ready to retire and come off the group coverage. 


You should always check with your employer first as some groups will still require that you sign up for Part A and B at age 65 in order to remain on their plans. Large employers like school districts for example can require this and will charge you a penalty if you don't provide proof that you enroll into Medicare.


If you work for an employer that has less than 20 employees, then you MUST sign up for Part A and Part B as Medicare will become primary to your group plan should you decide to remain covered on that plan. Many times it makes more sense to come off of it and go onto supplemental coverage. 

Medicare Late Enrollment Penalties

Enrolling in Part B Late? 

If you do not enroll when you are first eligible at age 65, or becoming newly eligible for Medicare due to disability, or coming off employer coverage during your special election period, you will have to wait until the general election period to enroll which runs January 1- March 31st each year.  Medicare will impose a Part B late enrollment penalty. You will pay an extra 10% for each year you could have signed up for Part B but didn't. This is in addition to your Part B premium/IRMAA.

Enrolling in Part D Late? 

If you do not enroll into Part D when you are first eligible or coming off creditable employer coverage, you will have to wait until the annual election period to join a plan. Medicare will impose a penalty equal to 1% of the national base beneficiary premium for each month you went without coverage. This monthly penalty accrues until you join a plan and you will pay it for as long as you have Medicare drug coverage, even if you switch plans.

If you wish to appeal a Part D Late Enrollment Penalty, use the form below. 

   Part D LEP Reconsideration form

** IMPORTANT TO NOTE:   COBRA is NOT considered creditable coverage under Medicares guidelines so if you had Cobra after age 65 before enrolling into Medicare, you may be subject to these late enrollment penalties. 
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