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Determine if You Need To Enroll In Medicare Part A and B & When To APPLY


If you are turning 65 and one of these scenarios applies to you, you MUST apply for both Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical) coverage:

- You are not currently insured 

- You are enrolled in Covered California or other private individual/family coverage

- You are enrolled in MediCal 

- You are enrolled in a Share plan

- You are enrolled in Cobra.

- You are enrolled in VA coverage or TricCare.

- You are on your spouses retiree plan.

- You are still working and enrolled in your employers coverage, AND your employer has less than 20 employees. 

- You are covered on your spouses employer coverage who is still working but their employer has less than 20 


If you are turning 65 and one of these scenarios apply to you, you may be able to DELAY your Medicare enrollment:

- If you are turning 65, still working and would like to stay on your employer coverage, and your employer has more than 20 employees.

- If you are turning 65, covered by your spouses employer coverage, and they are actively still working, and the employer has more than 20 employees. 

In these scenarios, your large group plan would remain primary and if you enroll into Medicare, it will be your secondary coverage. Since Part B has a monthly premium, many employers allow you to delay your Medicare enrollment until you retire which will save you money and also allows you  to save your initial Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment period for when you retire and apply for Medicare Part B later.


**** However, you MUST CHECK WITH YOUR EMPLOYER to determine if you need to apply for Medicare Part A and/or  Part B as some employers still require you enroll in Part A and Part B at 65 to remain on the group. 




If you are turning 65 and need Part A and B:

Medicare will allow you to enroll starting three months before the month of your 65th birthday, through the month of your birthday and three months after. (If your birthday falls on the 1st of the month, then you actually can apply 4 months before your 65th birthday month) 

If you are retiring and need to apply for Part B: 

If you are delaying your Part B enrollment till you retire, you will want to apply for Medicare Part B before your employer coverage ends to avoid a gap in coverage and avoid any penalties. You will have a special enrollment period to enroll into supplemental coverage. 

If you miss your intial enrollment window at age 65 or when you come off your employer coverage, you may also apply for Original Medicare each year between January 1st- March 31st, however, there may be late enrollment penalties so don't delay. If you need help determining your enrollment windows, give our licensed agents a call. 


****If You Are Retiring, coming off employer coverage, already have Part A and Need to Add Part B, click HERE

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