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STEP 3: 

While waiting for your Medicare card to arrive, your next step is to decide on what supplemental coverage you would like to have.  There are 2 ways to get your Medicare benefits: 

                  OPTION ONE                                                                               OPTION TWO 































                     We Can Help You Discover Which Option Is RIGHT FOR YOU! 


There is not one path or one plan that is right for everyone, and there are many things to consider when choosing your plan when first eligible. Its critical you make the right choice for your needs as changing plans in the future are not always guaranteed depending on the coverage you have.  Our Medicare experts will help you find the coverage you need thats available in your zip code that works with your doctors, covers your medications, fits your budget and gives you the benefits you are looking for. 

                               Ready to work with us?









** Although additional coverage is optional, if you do not maintain creditable prescription drug coverage when first eligible (at age 65 or coming off employer coverage), then Medicare will penalize you later when you decide to enroll into coverage that includes Part D (prescription coverage). The late enrollment penalty continues to accrue until you enroll and then its added to your Part D premium every month while you are enrolled. 

We advise that even if you do not take medications or are only taking a few low cost generics, its still wise to enroll in a low premium drug plan at the very least to avoid a penalty later and maintain coverage in case your health changes. 








   ADVANTAGE             PLAN



        PART D


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